One-on-one calls

You can book a 30 minutes video call with one CMS member.

To book a call

Please follow this link. At the end of the booking, a calendar event will be attached to the confirmation email. This event contains the link to the video call. You will also receive reminders of your bookings 24 hours and 15 minutes before the meeting time.

You do not need to email us to notify us of the booking. We will be notified automatically. All emails you receive should allow you to reschedule or cancel your bookings if required, you do not need to contact us separately via email for cancelling or rescheduling.

To prepare for the meeting

Unless you book at short notice (absolutely fine to do), please send an email to before the meeting. Simply put the details of the meeting in the subject line, e.g.: Claire one-on-one, Tuesday 3/11, 10am.

In the email body, give us a short idea of what topic you will want to discuss. If your problem is better explained with an image, don't forget to attach it. Give us also any paths and locations to the material needed. This email is to ensure most of the time of the meeting can be spent solving your problem.


If you have any problem (e.g. booking a call, accessing a call...) or any feedback, please send an email to