Migrate rose experiment project

UM Rose/Cylc experiments will by default run under your default project, which you can change on Accessdev in the ~/.rashrc file and on Gadi in the ~/.config/gadi-login.conf file.

You can also manually set the project for an experiment in the run's suite.rc file, adding e.g. a '-P = w40' flag in the '[[[directives]]]' section alongside the other PBS flags.

Output directories of a Cylc job are configured in the file on Accessdev ~/.cylc/global.rc. Options that may be useful are the 'host work directory', e.g.

        work directory = '/scratch/w40/$USER/cylc-run'

will put your job's 'work' and 'share' directories in w40's /scratch space. You can confirm it ran correctly with 'cylc get-global-config', which will show the current settings of all configuration options.