CodeBreak 27/10/2021

Panel plot along the time axis

How to plot all time slices of a 3D dataset (time, latitude, longitude) in a single figure? We settled on this:

from itertools import chain

fig, axes = plt.subplot(7, 4, figsize=(20, 40),
                        subplot_kw={'projection': ccrs.PlateCarree()})

for t, ax in enumerate(chain(*axes)):
    field = mydata.field.isel(time=t)
    field.plot(ax=ax, x='latitude', y='longitude', 
               add_colorbar=False, transform=ccrs.PlateCarree())

# add latitude ticks for first column
for j in range(7):
    axes[j][0].set_yticks(np.linspace(-90, 90, 5, endpoint=True), 

# add longitude ticks for final row
for j in range(4):
    axes[-1][j].set_xticks(np.linspace(-180, 180, 5, endpoint=True),