CodeBreak 02/03/2022

Installing Python Package -- climextRemes

When importing climextRemes for the first time, it tries to install R libraries. This fails at some point with the error message:  

KeyError: 'title'  

Digging deeper, it turns out that the bug is known to the developer:

Finally note that we recently discovered that climextremes is incompatible with recent versions of rpy2 (>= 3.4.1). While we are fixing this, if you get the error KeyError: 'title' when importing climextremes in Python, please force installation of an older rpy2.

Pinning the version of rpy2 using the conda environment yaml file below works:

name: cliextremes


  - cascade

  - conda-forge

  - defaults


  - python>=3.9

  - jupyterlab

  - rpy2==3.3.6

  - pytest

  - climextremes

Understand and use a Fortran program

The person had a Fortran program given to him to reproduce an analysis from a paper. They needed help to understand how to use the program. After having a look at it, we came to the conclusion they would need to get more information from the authors of the software. Mostly, the program was lacking information on the many arguments needed as inputs.