CMIP5 announcement

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Dear CMIP5 analysts: There are two separate items addressed by this email: 1) the temporary unavailability of CMIP5 data on ESGF, and 2) a request to register publications referencing CMIP5 model output. 1) All ESG Federation data nodes will be offline for an estimated 3 to 4 weeks. Further information about this can be found at: | 2) We entreat you who are authors or co-authors of publications based on CMIP5 model output to add citation information to the CMIP5 List of Publications at [[1]] . Instructions on how to do this can be found at: [[2]] . This should only take you a few minutes. Nearly 800 papers have already been registered there, and we hope you will add your contributions. Registering your paper(s) is vitally important because by documenting CMIP’s scientific impact, the modeling groups and those developing CMIP software infrastructure can continue to secure funding. We expect that those of you who have taken advantage of the CMIP5 archive will consider this an obligation. If you and your co-authors have only cited the CMIP5 project, but not analyzed any of the CMIP5 output, no action is required. Upon registering your publications, please be sure to provide the additional critical information requested, including which models, experiments, and variables you have used in your study. The information you provide will help us justify archiving these variables in future phases of CMIP. Since anyone can enter citation information on your behalf, please check (by searching the alphabetical listing at [[3]] ) whether or not any of your already registered papers include complete and correct information (e.g., please provide a DOI if it is missing). If you have questions or concerns regarding the list of publications please email: [|] . Thanks and best regards, Karl Taylor, on behalf of all CMIP participants