CABLE Ancils

ACCESS 1.3 models use CABLE for the land surface instead of MOSES, and requires different ancillary files to set up the land. In particular there are more plant functional types.

New ancil files should be generated using CAP. Martin Dix has some notes available at [[1]].

Example for creating N48 ancils

# Create a directory for ancils
mkdir --parents ~/ancil/access-1.3/N48
cd ~/ancil/access-1.3/N48

# Link the land mask and fraction files
ln -s /data/projects/access/ancil/n48_hadgem1/qrparm.mask .
ln -s /data/projects/access/ancil/n48_hadgem1/qrparm.lfrac .

# Create orography
export ANCIL_PARENT=/projects/access/umdir/vn7.7/ancil/build/v1.1
export ANCIL_MASTER=/data/projects/access/master
export DATASETS="orog"

# -d : Source dataset
export OROGOPTS="-d GLOBE30_AUS"

# -cal360 : Use 360 day calendar
# -mpp : Processors to request
# -norun : Don't submit to queue
$ANCIL_PARENT/bin/ancil_top -model n48 -output $PWD -cal360 -mpp 5 -memory 16000 -norun

# 5 cpus have been requested, but cap will use a huge amount of memory if they are all used,
# there's only enough memory for 1 cpu.
sed -i make_ancil_file -e 's/mpirun\s\+-np\s\+[0-9]\+\s\+/mpirun -np 1 /'

qsub make_ancil_file

# Create vegetation
export DATASETS="vegfrac"

# -g : IGBP method
# -s : Apply Sahara mod
# -t : Sahara albedo
# -h : Use log10 in Cosby equations
# -rdefault : Default glacier polygons
# -qmodis : modis seasonal data
# -3 : modis classic albedos
# -x : average dust instead of dominant
# -A : Thermal conductivity method
# -B : Heat capacity method
# -CIGBP : IGBP data source
# -DVG : VG soil hydrology
export VEGFOPTS="-g4 -s -t0.4 -h -rdefault -qmodis -3 -x -A1 -B1 -CIGBP -DCH"

# -search, -search_rows : parameters for spiral search
$ANCIL_PARENT/bin/ancil_top -model n48 -search 200 -search_row 5 -output $PWD -cal360