Acquiring and compiling MOM5

Acquiring the source code

The MOM source code can either be downloaded directly from the main sourcecode repository or through local repositories at NCI.

To acquire the CMS-supported version of the source code, type the following:

$ mkdir -p /short/${PROJECT}/${USER}/mom/codebase     # Or some other directory
$ cd /short/${PROJECT}/${USER}/mom/codebase

where ${PROJECT}}} is your default project group and {{${USER}}} is your username. This will download the latest version of the source code into a directory named {{mom.

Types of MOM5 build

A build script (mom/exp/MOM_compile.csh) for compiling MOM is included in the github repository.

The build script has been pre-configured to build the coupled ocean-only (MOM_solo) version of MOM. The script can also be modified to build other versions of MOM:

  • MOM_solo: Ocean-only MOM, without ice, land, or atmosphere
  • MOM_SIS: MOM coupled to the GFDL sea ice model (SIS)
  • EBM: Ocean / sea ice / land model coupled to an energy-balanced (radiation) atmosphere model (EBM)
  • ICCM: Ocean / sea ice / land / atmosphere
  • CM2M: CMIP-based ocean / sea ice / land / atmosphere
  • ESM2M: Coupled Earth System Model (biogeochemistry)

Building MOM5

To use the build script copy and paste the following (choosing which type of build you wish):

# From the source code directory
$ cd mom/exp
$ ./MOM_compile.csh --platform nci --use_netcdf4 --type MOM_SIS

Compilation should require approximately 10-20 minutes, and will place an executable in the following directory path:


relative to /short/${PROJECT}/${USER}/mom/codebase if you followed the previous instructions.