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YOTC - Year of Tropical Convection

The Year of Tropical Convection is a joint project of the WWRP-THORPEX and the WCRP that combines high resolution analysis and forecast data with satellite data and a | Tropical Cyclone Satellite Information System. YOTC is a Year of coordinated observing, modeling and forecasting of organized tropical convection and its influences on predictability as a contribution to the United Nations Year of Planet Earth to complement the International Polar Year (IPY). This effort is intended to exploit the vast amounts of existing and emerging observations, the expanding computational resources and the development of new, high-resolution modeling frameworks, with the objective of advancing the characterization, diagnosis, modeling, parameterization and prediction of multi-scale convective/dynamic interactions, including the two-way interaction between tropical and extra-tropical weather/climate*.

The CMS is managing a replica of the re-analysis data produced by ECMWF on the NCI RDSI disk storage which is mounted on raijin (raijin.nf.nci.org.au) We copied across the pressure levels analysis data at the highest available resolution 0.125X0.125 degrees, the original format is grib and the data is momentarily located on fast access disk in the following directories /g/data/rq7/YOTC/grib/oper_an_pl/<variable>/<year> The data has been converted to netcdf to facilitate its use, the netcdf files are stored under /g/data/rq7/YOTC/netcdf/oper_an_pl/<variable>/<year>/

Variable   File   Converted to netcdf
Divergence   D   Y
Geopotential   Z   Y
Ozone mass mixing ratio   O3   Y
Potential vorticity   PV   Y
Relative humidity   R   Y
Specific humidity   Q   Y
Temperature   T   Y
U component of wind   U   Y
V component of wind   V   Y
Vertical velocity   W   Y
Vorticity (relative)   VO   Y

To access the data you need to register with ECMWF to accept their | terms and conditions of use and then request access to rq7 by using your NCI account to access | My NCI portal or e-mail [NCI climate_help] if you need any help. For more information on the original ECMWF collection: | YOTC page on ECMWF website

For more information about this project and to access the satellite data visit the | YOTC project webpage.

GES-DISC developed a web-based data analysis tool to support coordinated observing, modeling, and forecasting, focusing on organized tropical convection. For more information on the YOTC-Giovanni tool go to [[1]].

Conversion to netcdf

To facilitate the use of this dataset, we converted the grib files to netcdf, we have recently upgraded our conversion routine, to produce compressed netcdf4 files. We use cdo for the conversion itself and nco to enhance the metadata. Details of the procedure are described below.