WRFV3.5.1 CHEM Installation

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WRF-Chem (version 3.5.1) Installation

Source Code

The source code tar files of WRF, WPS, and WRF-Chem(V3.5.1) have been downloaded and placed in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/Downloads on the RAIJIN cluster. The uncompressed source code for V3.5.1 of WRF(including Chem) and WPS, which have been ported to build on RAIJIN cluster, is located in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/WRFV_3.5.1_Chem.

How to build WRF-Chem V3.5.1

The instruction is the same as that documented for building WRF V3.3 ( http://climate-cms.unsw.wikispaces.net/WRF+installation), except that you need to copy the WRF and WPS files from /projects/WRF/WRFV_3.5.1_Chem to your personal sub-directories in short (e.g. /short/$PROJECT/$USER/WRF/WRFV_3.5.1_Chem).