WRFPLUS V3.4.1 Installation

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WRFPLUS (version 3.4.1) Installation


This document is intended to serve as a handy reference for new users in building and running the WRFPLUS on the RAIJIN cluster at NCI without the need of making site-specific modification to WRFPLUS.

Source Code

The source code tar files of WRFPLUS (V3.4.1) have been downloaded and placed in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/Downloads on the RAIJIN cluster. The uncompressed source code for V3.4.1 of WRFPLUS, which have been ported to build on RAIJIN cluster, is located in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/WRFPLUS/WRFPLUS_V3.4.1.


Check the loaded modules and you should already have the Intel compilers and OpenMPI loaded, run:

module list

Load the required netcdf module, run:

module load netcdf/

If configuring to build GRIB2 support, run (tcsh):

setenv JASPERINC /usr/include setenv JASPERLIB /usr/lib64

To enable large file support in NetCDF (This installation of NetCDF supports large file support), run(tcsh):


Create your personal subdirectory in /short/, run:

mkdir -p /short/$PROJECT/$USER/WRFPLUS/WRFPLUS_V3.4.1

Copy the WRFPLUS files to your /short/ subdirectory, run:


Building WRFPLUS

Go to the /WRFPLUSV3/ subdirectory, run:


Start with a clean installation before compiling WRFPLUS, run:

clean -a

Configure WRFPLUS, run:

./configure wrfplus

You will be given two choices using Intel compiler. These choices include compiling for a single processor job (serial) and using distributed-memory (dmpar).

Please select from among the following supported platforms.

1. Linux x86_64 i486 i586 i686, ifort compiler with icc (serial) 2. Linux x86_64 i486 i586 i686, ifort compiler with icc (dmpar)

Enter selection [1-2] : Once an option is selected from above, a choice of what type of nesting (no nesting (0), basic (1), pre-set moves (2), or vortex following (3)) will be given.

Compile for nesting? (0=no nesting, 1=basic, 2=preset moves, 3=vortex following) [default 0]: For options dmpar, the choice 0=no nesting is not applicable.

A file configure.wrf should be created after configuring has completed.

To build WRFPLUS, use the script run_compile to submit it to the job batch queue, run:

qsub run_compile

After a successful build, one should see the following executable files for WRFPLUS:

[abc123@vayu3 WRFPLUSV3]$ ls -l main/*.exe

-rwxr-xr-x 1 abc123 wrf 31766551 Jan 7 16:21 main/ndown.exe -rwxr-xr-x 1 abc123 wrf 31141582 Jan 7 16:21 main/nup.exe -rwxr-xr-x 1 abc123 wrf 31781764 Jan 7 16:21 main/real.exe -rwxr-xr-x 1 abc123 wrf 31230477 Jan 7 16:21 main/tc.exe -rwxr-xr-x 1 abc123 wrf 46346113 Jan 7 16:19 main/wrf.exe