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[[ANCIL file management]]
* [[ANCIL file management]]
[[Standard run management]]
* [[Standard run management]]
[[Access package installation]]
* [[Access package installation]]
[[Access file system]]
* [[Access file system]]
[[Fujitsu Migration]]
* [[Fujitsu Migration]]
[[accessdev migration]]
* [[accessdev migration]]
[[accessdev admin guide]]
* [[accessdev admin guide]]
[[installing um8.5]]
* [[installing um8.5]]
* [[umuw2013]]
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Accesscollab uses a modified version of ghui compared to the Met Office distribution, which means that there is a different means of starting the ui server.

Locate the pid of startServer & kill it

$ ps U access | grep startServer
22172 ? Sl 0:03 tclsh /projects/access/UI/ghui3.0/admin/startServer.tcl /projects/access/UI/ghui3.0 PRIMARY /projects/access/DBSE umuix
$ kill 22172

The server should be automatically checked & restarted with a cron job every 10 min. It can be manually restarted with

$ ~access/UI/ghui3.0/bin/ghui_server umuix PRIMARY

Or using the admin panel

<span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">$ ~access/scripts/umuix_admin</span>