UM 10.6 Single Column Model

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vn10.6 Single Column Model

The Single-Column Model (SCM) is an idealised version of the UM that runs the model on a single grid cell, for debugging as well as investigations of the model physics

This experiment is based off of Met Office SCM template job | u-aj503, with modifications to run on Raijin

Documentation on the SCM can be found at | UMDP C09: Single Column Model

Differences from the UKMO version

Disable building the model by setting the variable `BUILD` to `False` (in rose-suite.conf)

To run in parallel, set PARALLEL_SCM to true. PARALLEL_SCM_DIR should be set to a directory with various SCM namelist files.

For each file in that directory, the SCM will be run using that file as the configuration (the default namelist is /projects/access/umdir/standard_jobs/inputs/default/scm/namelist_HAD.scm)

Each run's output will go to ~/cylc-run/$JOBID/work/scm/1/$(basename $NAMELIST)


The SCM requires forcing data for the winds, temperature and specific humidity at the location of interest.

This experiment by default reads forcing data from /projects/access/umdir/standard_jobs/inputs/default/scm/namelist_HAD.scm, which has values from the | TOGA-CORE experiment at 19930109T0000Z. Contact [] for help setting up new forcing locations

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