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UKCA is the chemistry component of the UM. Full details can be found on the | UKCA wiki, including a | tutorial on how to use the model

UM 7.3

UM 8.2

CSIRO has a version of UKCA with tropospheric chemistry only enabled running at UM 8.2

UM 8.4

GA4.0 StratTrop + MODE

Based on the Met Office's GA4.0 atmosphere configuration with Stratospheric and Tropospheric chemistry. Originally labelled in the Met Office as anenj, then ported to Monsoon as xhmaj before being brought across to Raijin. This is a development release, more information can be found on the | UKCA wiki

Installed by on Raijin by Scott Wales with assistance of the Met Office collab team

Run IDs

accesscollab: uaqga accessdev: vabqa

Performance Details


The first 10 'Final Absolute Norm' values of a run should match those listed below to ensure reproducable results

$ grep -i 'final abs' uaqga000.uaqga.d14121.t152812.leave | head
  Final Absolute Norm :   7.720373622618396E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.577484374856228E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.063091978378400E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.785682584647609E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.175933508242286E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.924887727787801E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.197065763725585E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.320850041753646E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.742391518624039E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.291963939930970E-003