Tips and Tricks

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Unstable WRF simulation

If you notice that the WRF model has become unstable, you should consider making the following changes in the namelist.input file:

(a) reduce the time-step; and/or

(b) set w_damping to 1; and/or

(c) set epssm (0.1 by default) to a higher value (e.g. 0.3)

The changes above indeed improved the stabilities in our case.

Runtime segmentation error

WRF will always crash with a segmentation error when compiled without debugging information.

But you should make sure, you always run WRF with an unlimited stacksize. This should be set in your run script.


limit stacksize unlimited


ulimit -s unlimited (for BASH)

If you have some tricks that can help WRF users in our community and hope that they could be included on this page, please email