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This page provides information on working with shared CLEx storage resources at NCI.

NCI projects

The base unit for the accounting of computational and storage resources is the project, except for your home directory which has limited personal storage. There are 2 types of projects at NCI:

  • data projects: for published and shared datasets
  • computational projects: for running programs

To have a valid login at NCI, you need to be a member of at least one computational project.

This means when working on NCI machine, you will mainly work with shared resources. It is essential you learn how to use these resources fairly and efficiently.

CLEx projects

CLEx is managing several computational and data projects at NCI via the CMS team. We will not list the data projects since you do not have write access to any of those. To find datasets published at NCI, please see the information on this page

The computational projects are split by Research Program (RP):

Project RP Lead CI
v45 Extra-tropical variability Andy Hogg
w35 Drought Claire Carouge
w40 Extreme Rainfall Martin Jucker
w42 Extreme Rainfall Abhnil Prasad
w48 Tropical Variability Dietmar Dommenget
w97 Heatwaves Jason Evans

Some of the following information applies to all projects at NCI but keep in mind, this page focuses on the CLEx projects, as such some information might only apply to CLEx projects. See the Lead CIs of your other projects for information on those.


NCI applies 2 types of quota on storage:

  • size
  • number of files

If a project exceeds one of these quota, all jobs from this project are put on hold until the storage is under quota again.

NCI and CMS provide a number of tools to check quota and help find the biggest users per project.

Tools for accounting


Description: an instantaneous view of usage and quota of all projects you are a member of for disk filesystems and of your home directory. Provided by NCI.

Output example:

$ lquota
           fs      Usage     Quota     Limit   iUsage   iQuota   iLimit
ccc561    home    1.23GB     2.0GB     2.5GB    11235    80000   100000
   c25   short   59.05GB   356.0GB   712.0GB    16530   314000   628000
   e14   short   28.25TB   33.95TB   67.89TB  2203538  3109000  6218000
   k10   short    10.9TB   11.91TB   23.83TB   369385  5775000 11550000
   y03   short    3.13TB     5.0TB    9.99TB  1803428  3779000  7558000
   ua6   short  310.29GB     1.0MB     1.0MB     3337     1025     1025 Over size limit Over inode limit

Update frequency: instantaneous

More information: NCI help page


Description: time-series of computational and storage usage per user. Several options available. Provided by CMS.

Output example:

$module use /g/data/hh5/public/modules
$module load conda
$ncimonitor -P w35

Ncimonitor example.png

Update frequency: Daily (at night)

More information:

nci_account -P <project>

Description: usage and quota information for the specific project required on all systems. Several options available. Provided by NCI.

Output example:

$nci_account -P w35
Usage Report: Project=w35 Storage Period=2019.7 (01/07/2019-30/09/2019)
System    StoragePt             Grant       Usage       Avail      iGrant      iUsage      iAvail
dmf       massdata            63.95TB     28.26TB     35.70TB    4729.00K       7.88K    4721.12K
global    gdata1a             66.00TB     37.17TB     28.83TB    3883.00K    1503.29K    2379.71K
raijin    short               15.00TB     12.45TB      2.55TB    3280.00K    1983.78K    1296.22K
Total                        144.95TB     77.88TB     67.08TB      11.89M       3.49M       8.40M

Update frequency: About 15 minutes

More information: NCI help page

short_files_report and gdataN_files_report

Description: storage usage on the specified filesystem split by user. 2 available options -G <project> and -P <project>

Output example:
-G option gives usage for all files owned by the group specified (not necessarily located in that group directory)

$ short_files_report -G w35
Usage details for project w35:
         folder   user   size    inodes  scan date
            z00 hxw599 5996kB        32 2019-07-17
            n81 gdv561 54.3GB    111044 2019-07-17
            p66 jxs599  218MB        12 2019-07-17
            p66 saw562 8943MB     20696 2019-07-17
            p66 kxl561 28.0kB         7 2019-07-17

-P option gives usage for all files located in the directory specified (not necessarily owned by the same group)

$gdata1a_files_report -P w35
Usage details for /g/data1a/w35:
          group   user   size    inodes  scan date
            c25 dei561  409MB        56 2019-07-17
            k10 hxw599 4690MB         7 2019-07-17
            n81 jpe561  340kB        31 2019-07-17
            ma3 nw3057  737GB       959 2019-07-17
            w35 aph502 3810MB        11 2019-07-17