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NCI projects

The base unit for the accounting of computational and storage resources is the project. There are 2 types of projects at NCI:

  • data projects: for published and shared datasets
  • computational projects: for running programs

To have a valid login at NCI, you need to be a member of at least one computational project.

CLEx projects

CLEx is managing several computational and data projects at NCI via the CMS team. We will not list the data projects since you do not have write access to any of those. To find datasets published at NCI, please see the information on this page

The computational projects are split by Research Program (RP):

Project RP Lead CI
v45 Extra-tropical variability Andy Hogg
w35 Drought Claire Carouge
w40 Extreme Rainfall Martin Jucker
w42 Extreme Rainfall Abhnil Prasad
w48 Tropical Variability Dietmar Dommenget
w97 Heatwaves Jason Evans