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Disk allocation on /g/data

You can request a temporary allocation of disk space if your group /short or /g/data allocation are insufficient for you to analyse your data or if you need to share data with users from other groups. These allocations are temporary so they are easily obtained but you do need to clear out the disk when you finish your work. So you cannot use this disk to store permanent data and/or to archive model output. The tape system massdata is the right tool to archive the data. If you have data which need to be accessed more easily but in a more permanent way you can still request an allocation but you should specify this clearly in your request. The extra disk allocation will be in "/g/data1/ua8" for permanent cases and in "/g/data3/hh5/tmp" for temporary cases.

How to submit a request

To request the allocation you should use the new | DMPonline tool. You will need to create an account using your e-mail address and click on the "New request" button. This will open a form requesting the following information:

  1. name of the new directory which will be placed under /g/data1/hh5/tmp/... This has to be unique and will also identify the request.
  2. the amount of disk requested in Tb
  3. NCI id for users and/or groups which should have read & write access
  4. NCI id for users and/or groups which should have only read access
  5. a brief summary of why you need the data: this shouldn't be about your research project as much as the reason why you can't use your own group /g/data1 allocation or /short etc. You should also include how did you estimate the allocation size.
  6. you can, if applicable, associate the request to one of your data management plans
  7. indicate for how long you will need the disk allocation, depending on your request this might be reviewed by the CMS, when this time gets nearer we will contact you to discuss if and for how long your allocation will continue.

When you submit your request the tool will send us an e-mail with the details and we'll let you know the outcome as soon as possible. If a request has been submitted then only few of the fields can be edited. If you want to make changes to the locked fields then you we'll need to execute the following steps:

  1. edit the request first
  2. click on "cancel the submission" button, now your fields will all be unlocked
  3. make your changes and "save" or "submit" again

If your request has been approved then you will need to contact an administrator to unlocked it, or you could submit a new request and called the directory "<my-request-name>-update" This is necessary to avoid that the information for an allocation which is current or under review is changed without notification to the administrator.

You will also need to be a member of the relevant group, ua8 or hh5. If you are not already a member, | login to the NCI system and request membership of the relevant group.