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Storage at UTAS

IMAS R disk

    • RDSI

To request a RDSI allocation with TPAC you need to fill in an application form at | . You can use your university credentials to access this form, this is true also if you are external to UTAS. In fact the ARCCSS Weather@Home project which is based in Melbourne, has successfully applied for storage allocation at TPAC. If there is a node better suited to your data the TPAC data manager will redirect your request to this node. Below is an extract of the form introduction.

    • Requesting Research Storage Support

The following is an application form for submitting a research data collection for consideration for storage by an eResearch infrastructure Node operator(s). The information gathered in this form is used to determine what support can be provided for data held to be held by the Node operator(s). If you are requesting a substantial amount of storage someone may contact you to gather additional information and help work out the best solution with you. By submitting this application, you verify that the Node(s) has the right to share the information contained in this form with any people, institutions or systems involved in processing this application, and that the Node operator(s) may retain this application.

This application is divided into five sections:

  • Section 1: Contact details
  • Section 2: Collection Details
  • Section 3: Research Significance of the Collection
  • Section 4: Storage Requirements
  • Section 5: Declarations