Standalone JULES Tagged Version 8.2 Installation Guide

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This document outlines the build procedure of standalone JULES (Tagged Version 8.2)



svn co .

(2) vi src/science/vegetation/veg-veg1a_jls.F90 > SUBROUTINE veg(...) --> SUBROUTINE veg1(...) > END SUBROUTINE veg --> END SUBROUTINE veg1

(3) vi src/science/vegetation/veg-veg2a_jls.F90 > SUBROUTINE veg(...) --> SUBROUTINE veg2(...) > END SUBROUTINE veg --> END SUBROUTINE veg2 (4) vi src/initialisation/standalone/init_out.F90 > INQUIRE (file=outDir, exist=dirExist ) --> INQUIRE (directory=outDir, exist=dirExist ) (5) vi Makefile > CDFDUMMY=true --> CDFDUMMY=false > LIB_LIBS += $(LIB_PRE)netcdf --> LIB_LIBS += $(LIB_PRE)netcdf $(LIB_PRE)netcdff (6) module load netcdf/3.6.3

(7) make COMPILER=intel BUILD=run CDF_LIB_PATH=/apps/netcdf/3.6.3/lib CDF_MOD_PATH=/apps/netcdf/3.6.3/include


(a) the changes mentioned in (2) and (3) is because the subroutines veg1(...) and veg2(...) cannot be found and the errors were thrown from the file src/control/standalone/control.F90

(b) the changes mentioned in (4) is because there is an error "init_out: Output directory does not exist" while running jules.exe

(c) for the changes in (5), if the CDFDUMMY is set to true, netcdf libraries will not be linked and also the library -lnetcdff has been missied

Following the instruction above should be able to help you get a successful JULES standalone build. > Enjoy it!