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*Climate Dynamics  
*Climate Dynamics  
*Climatic Change
'''Open data policy '''
'''Open data policy '''

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  • Climate Dynamics
  • Climatic Change

Open data policy 

Springer Nature Research Data Policy

This covers 4 different kind of data policies:

Type 1

Data sharing and data citation is encouraged

Type 2 

Data sharing and evidence of data sharing encouraged   

Type 3

Data sharing encouraged and statements of data availability required

Type 4

 Data sharing, evidence of data sharing and peer review of data required

Scientific Data (see Data policies)

Specific journal policies are listed for each journal under "Submission guidelines". They are usually in line with the type 3 data policy, as an example:

Climate Dynamics Research Data Policy


Springer manuscript guidelines

Recommended repositories


  • DOI is not explicitly required
  • Software is not explicitly required
  • Data Availiability Statement is required
  • NB while some fo the repositories we use are not specifically included in their repositories list, they are relatively discipline specific for our community in Australia and follow the FAIR principles

Center publishing procedure is compliant with all requirements