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payu on gadi


Using payu on the new gadi HPC system should be straightforward. Depending on the setup of your configuration you might need to make very few changes.

You will need to load the CMS conda module conda/analysis3-unstable

There is no short file system on gadi. This has been replaced by a time-limited scratch file space. Once raijin is decommissioned the default location for payu laboratories will be changed to /scratch/$PROJECT/$USER/$MODEL.

However, if your config.yaml hard codes shortpath to a location under /short this will have to be changed. This is a common practice so that a model can be submitted to the PBS system under more than one project code, but ensure that all files are read to and from the same laboratory space.

For example, if you config.yaml contains the following;

shortpath: /short/v45

you will need to change it. Initially the recommendation would be to change it to this:

shortpath: /scratch/v45

but this comes with some drawbacks. The /scratch disk will be purged based on the modification time of files, so some care must be taken to ensure files which must be kept are transferred to other filesystems before they are deleted.