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The MACC Reanalysis is a global reanalysis data set of atmospheric composition (AC), made available by the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS). The dataset spans the period 2003 to 2012. The spatial resolution of the data set is approximately 80 km (T255 spectral) on 60 vertical levels from the surface up to 0.1 hPa for the analysed species and 1.125° by 1.125° at the same 60 levels for the other chemical species.

For the complete description and technical details see the | ECMWF wiki. We replicated only few surface variables: aerosols at 550 nm, see below for list.

Known Issues

A list of known issues is available from the documentation page linked above. Please note there's a known issue for one of the variables we replicated:

    • Sea salt aerosol mixing ratio above freshwater:The model is not distinguishing between sea and freshwater in the context of sea-salt emissions. Unfortunately, this appears to affect all cycles from the MACC reanalysis. A fix is planned to be implemented in a future model release (45r1) and will be effective from the implementation date on. This means that the fix will not be retrospective for the MACC reanalysis but will be in future reanalysis.


If you do not have an account with ECMWF you should create one and agree to their terms and conditions for this dataset. The license text is available from their | wiki and contains also the required acknowledgement.

MACC on raijin

Data is stored as for ERAI and ERA5 in the ub4 project:


for monthly grib files: macc_aerosol_oper_fc_sfc_<fromdate>_<todate>


for monthly netcdf files: <varname>_3hrs_reanalysis_IFS-Cy36r1_fc-sfc_<fromdate>_<todate>.nc

where the dates are YYYYMMDD

Only the following variables are available:

varname param ECMWF name Description standard_name units
od550aer 207.210 aod550 Total Aerosol Optical Depth at 550nm [1] atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_ambient_aerosol 1
ssod550aer 208.210 ssaod550 Sea Salt Aerosol Optical Depth at 550nm [1] atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_seasalt_ambient_aerosol 1
duod550aer 209.210 duaod550 Dust Aerosol Optical Depth at 550nm [1] atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_dust_ambient_aerosol 1
omod550aer 210.210 omaod550 Organic Matter Aerosol Optical Depth at 550nm [1] atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_particulate_organic_matter_ambient_aerosol 1
bcod550aer 211.210 bcaod550 Black Carbon Aerosol Optical Depth at 550nm [1] atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_black_carbon_ambient_aerosol 1
suod550aer 212.210 suaod550 Sulphate Aerosol Optical Depth at 550nm [1] atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_sulfate_ambient_aerosol_particles 1