Lightning Stroke Counts on ECMWF Era Interim Grid

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This dataset was created by Ross Bunn using (see "Data Location" for python script). Global Position and Tracking System or GPATS is a commercial lightning detection system, using ground-based Very Low Frequency sensors across Australia to accurately detect stroke times, and Time Difference of Arrival methods to calculate locations. On the ECMWF Era Interim Grid (lon res=0.75deg, lat res= 0.75deg), (or user defined grid) over an Australian domain (-45.0 to -9.75, 109.5E to 160.5E) and within each 1 hour period per UTC day, the python 2.7 function histogram2d from module numpy has been used to create four strokecount variable arrays. Histogram2d counts the number of scattered GPATS strokes occurring within each gridbox. GPATS data from 200803 - 201510 have been extracted from the Bureau of Meteorology adam_prd database. Stroke count times are from minus one hour to the specified time in UTC.

Update (25 Feb 2016) - A few data gaps exist in this dataset 1 hour to 1 week in size. An analysis identifying where these gaps are is ongoing. Efforts to fill these gaps will be started soon.

    • Principal Investigator / Researcher Ross Bunn
    • Project Data Contact Ross Bunn, | Dr Hamish Ramsay, 03 99024213,
    • ATTRIBUTION: This gridded lightning dataset was created using lightning strike locations and times from GlobalPosition and Tracking System (GPATS, [[1]]).


PROJECT: ua8 | (register here)

    • CREATED BY: Ross Bunn on 8/01/2016
    • EXTRACTED from the Bureau of Meteorology's ADAMPrd Database.
    • TIME PERIOD: 1 Mar 2008 - 31 Oct 2015

LAT (degrees north) LON (degrees east) TIME (UTC - lightning counted between TIME-1hr and TIME ) CLOUD_GROUND (dimensionless - number of strokes with negative current polarity per Era Interim grid box) GROUND_CLOUD (dimensionless - number of strokes with positive current polarity per Era Interim grid box) INTRA_CLOUD (dimensionless - number of strokes with zero current polarity per Era Interim grid box) TOTAL (dimensionless - total number of strokes per Era Interim grid box)

    • DATA FORMAT: netCDF, times are in UTC