Leaving the Centre guidelines

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When leaving the Centre talk to your supervisor or colleagues on how your storage space should be managed. Questions to consider include

  • Will you require the files after you leave (e.g. as you finish papers)?
  • What files will be useful to others and should be published?
  • What files won't be useful to others and should be deleted?

If you are leaving, or even if you are only changing position in the Center, one or more of the following might apply to you.

    • NCI account

If you change institution but you are still working with the same collaborators/projects then your user-id will stay the same unless you (or your new institution) specifically ask for it to be changed. NCI will suspend your account once you are no longer a member of any group. Occasionally projects review their active members by sending e-mails: keep your contact e-mail updated through my.nci.org.au

    • Leaving a project

If you leave a specific project:

  • tidy up and document the files and directory structure and contact the lead-CI or project representative
  • If you haven’t already, set r-x group access to all your files
  • If the project representative agrees, ask help@nci.org.au to transfer ownership of your files to someone else in the project (specify the project and filesystem)
  • If you want to transfer file externally
    • use sftp, scp or rsync to transfer files securely ( rsync can be resumed )
    • use the dedicated data-mover nodes, r-dm.nci.org.au for large file transfers
    • use copyq if you want to queue a job
    • Leaving your institution

Most universities will close your university and e-mail account. Often university data services are accessible only via your university account. If that is the case, you need to arrange access for yourself by contacting the IT services or the CI of projects that you used to deposit data before leaving. Specifics on university data services and advice on what happens when you leave can be found here