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When a new JULES release is made, the KGO files used for testing must be updated

1. Download the released trunk

# Create a new checkout
fcm checkout fcm:jules.xm@vn5.1 jules.xm
cd jules.xm

# or update an existing checkout
fcm update -r vn5.1
# and make sure nothing has been changed
fcm status

2. Run the tests

rose stem --group all

All of the 'nccmp' tasks should fail, as there is nothing to compare against.

3. Make a new KGO directory for the release. This directory needs to contain all of the netcdf outputs, so copy all of them in from your most recent run

mkdir /g/data/access/jules/rose-stem-kgo/vn5.1
cp ~/cylc-run/jules.xm/work/1/nci_*/output/*.nc /g/data/access/jules/rose-stem-kgo/vn5.1

4. Re-run all of the 'nccmp' tasks, by right clicking the 'KGO_CHECK' and selecting 'Trigger (run now)'