Hand Edits

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UM Hand Edits

Hand edits are the UMUI's mechanism for applying changes to runs beyond the options available from within the UMUI

To request a new hand edit or report bugs email [| climate_help@nf.nci.org.au]

Upgrade Vayu data paths

  • ~access/raijin/data-paths.sh

This hand-edit upgrades a job to use the ~access/data directory for ancillaries, rather than the /projects/data/access directory used on Vayu (the change was due to a new file-system layout on Raijin).

Run on the Express queue

  • ~access/raijin/make_express.sh

This hand edit sets a job to run on Raijin's express queue, rather than the default normal queue. This means that a job will start running quicker, but will cost more SU & has limits on how big it can be