Getting Help with the UM

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The Centre of Excellence's CMS team provides support to Centre and community researchers working with the UM on the NCI supercomputers. We have two team members who specialise in the UM - Scott Wales at Melbourne Uni and Holger Wolff at Monash.

You can ask for help with the model by emailing the CMS helpdesk at [|]. We can help with anything from an introduction to using the interface to submit a run to helping you understand and modify the model code.

Granting Access to Log Directories

In order to help debug issues with a run we'll often need to consult the run's log files. You may need to give us access to your log directories to do this, which you can do by running on Raijin:

setfacl -m g:$PROJECT:rX $HOME
setfacl -m g:$PROJECT:rX,d:g:$PROJECT:rX -R $HOME/um_output $HOME/output

This allows anyone in your project group to see into your log directories ~/um_output}} and {{~/output