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This page contains documentation about data relevant to the ARCCSS data climate data and how to access data available at NCI and on web-based climate portals.


Only the most recent appear here, follow the link to the news page to see all of them

- The ARC has added a new | Research Data Management page to their website

- CMIP5 update: most of the ESGF nodes are back online, still missing are NCI and the Chinese nodes.

- CMIP5: the | ARCCSSive module has now a new stable version and the database has been updated to include all the data replicated on raijin, both by users and by NCI as a bulk transfer.

- There is a new | CMIP community page on NCI confluence, for information and updates relating to the CMIP data and activities at NCI. This includes regular updates on CMIP6 progress. Anyone with an NCI login can access and add comments to the pages. This is also the right way to communicate issues with the data and its management on NCI.

Data policies and services within the Centre

University data policies and services

Datasets hosted on raijin and managed by the ARCCSS

Other datasets hosted on raijin

ARCCSS datasets and software published on Research Data Australia (RDA)

The Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science has started publishing its datasets on Research Data Australia (RDA), the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) metadata repository. The first datasets to be published were from the Climate Model Downscaling Data for Impacts Research (CliMDDIR), then the ACCESS CMIP5 simulations.

  • ACCESS - CMIP5 simulations
  • | CliMDDIR - Climate Model Downscaling Data for Impacts Research
  • ARCCSS collection - ARCCSS datasets on the NCI Data Catalogue
  • | C20C+ ACCESS - Atmospheric ACCESS1.3 historical all forcing model output for the Climate of the 20th Century Plus (C20C+) Detection and Attribution sub-project
  • | marineHeatWaves - Marine heatwaves detection code

External data resources