Data induction

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We prepare a .. that will help you accessing all our data documentation in the same way we present it in our data management trainings. At the end of this journey you should have all the information necessary to manage, share and publish your data. In particular:

  •   you will be familiar with the key data concepts and terminlogy
  •   you will know about data and software licensing
  •   you will know what data you are required to archive, share or publish according to your institution, the ARC or in order to publish a paper. 
  •  you will be ready when asked to publish data to make all the relevant choices:
    • which data to publish,
    • where to publish,
    • how to prepare your data and finally how to advertise your newly published dataset

Data key concepts

Managing your dataset properly in a way that makes your research easier to reproduce and share and so more valuable it is not complicated, it will eventually become just another working habit. When you start looking into the data world though the new concepts and terminology used can make the journey look much more complicated.

To help you districate yourself we listed the definitions of all the most commonly used terms and the key concepts.

You should read through the key concepts now and get back to it everytime you need to.