Copying STASH settings between jobs

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Template:Pre UM10 This information is only for versions of the UM before 10.0

The Met Office has supplied a script 'copy_stash' to help with copying STASH settings between UMUI jobs, which we have available on accesscollab.

To use the script you first need to export the source, which will supply the STASH settings; and target, which will recieve them, UMUI jobs to basis files using the 'Export' button on the UMUI job screen. Once you have the basis files you can run '~access/umdir/bin/copy_stash'. This will prompt you for the names of the basis files, which STASH sections to copy ('a2321' will copy everything).

After running the script the target basis file will have its STASH information updated. You'll then need to import that file back into the UMUI, either by using 'Experiment->Add Job...' on the UMUI database screen or using the 'Import' button on the original job to overwrite its settings (make sure you have a backup!). You should then check the job to make sure all of the STASH settings have been copied successfully.

Note that the script will also copy the user stashmaster files, which are used to set up extra fields in some models. This will mean that the model cannot find the necessary fields in the initial conditions file when you try to run it. To fix this you may need to copy back the user stashmaster settings from the original job, you can find them in Atmosphere->STASH->User-STASHmaster files.