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Template:Pre UM10 This information is only for versions of the UM before 10.0

AMIP COSP Simulator

The ACCESS 1.3 AMIP model can be run using the COSP simulation package to model satellite observations. This model configuration is available in the UMUI as job [temporary uaima]

Scientific contact: Charmaine Franklin (CSIRO),


The UM job is built as normal using the UMUI. The code is in the branch | fcm:um_dev/fra298/ACCESS1.3_cosp1.3.1.


The jobs needs to be started from an existing AMIP output dump (*.dah file) in order for the fields to be properly initialised. Either run an AMIP model to your desired starting time or obtain a dump file from someone else's run, then set the initial dump path in Atmosphere->Ancillary and Input->Start Dump to point to your input dump.

The COSP simulator also requires the hand-edit ~access/umui_jobs/hand_edits/cosp/vn7.3_cosp_stash.ed and the user stash-master file ~access/umui_jobs/userstash/COSP_stash, these have already been set up in the standard job. If you wish to alter the COSP configuration make a copy of the hand edit, there is some information on the available settings in Charmaine's instructions and the COSP user guide in the resources section below.

Additional information

Some COSP fields are output as histograms, with multiple values at each vertical level. Some tools are not built to handle this, for instance xconv looses information when it tries to convert the fields to netcdf format. The extractfield program, available at, is a small utility built to work around this. It will only convert a single STASH code at a time at present, if you would like to see features added contact the CMS team.


Charmaines instructions | COSP User Manual | Franklin et al. (2012) - Evaluation of clouds in ACCESS using COSP