COE Video-conference System

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All nodes of the Centre of Excellence are equipped with video-conference facilities to enable inter-node collaboration.

Basic Use

Remote.png [ | Image from the user guide ]

Connecting to CoE nodes

The addresses for CoE nodes should already be available in the phone book of each system, which can be accessed from the Call menu or by pressing the start call (green telephone) button on the remote control.

To manually dial in to one of the systems you can use the following addresses:

Monash (or
UMelb (or
UNSW (or

Connecting to a PC

You can use the Zoom service to allow computers or portable devices to connect to a videoconference. The Zoom client supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. While the Zoom client is free, only paid accounts can create conference rooms with support for hardware VC systems.

The following universities currently give staff full Zoom accounts:

If you have a full account you will get H323 connection details when you create a booking in Zoom, which can be used from VC hardware like our CISCO systems. You can also dial out to external VC systems using the 'invite' button from within a call. PC users will get a URL and booking number that they can use to connect to the call.

To call the Monash Bridge from Zoom:

  • Room System Type: H323
  • H323 Extension:;dtmf=52952#

Note this may take a minute to start entering the PIN. A similar format can be used to dial any PIN-protected address - [IP Address];dtmf=[PIN]#.

| Calling Zoom from VC systems | Calling VC systems from Zoom

Connecting to other systems

To connect to other systems that support SIP or H323 you can type in the address at the Call menu. If you are connecting to an IP number you can enter it with the number pad by replacing periods with asterisks, e.g. 150*203*8*120 will connect to ANU. To type in a text address press the top black button on the remote corresponding to Turn Keyboard On at the bottom of the screen (should be second from the left). After entering the address press the green telephone button on the remote to start the call.

Direct Telephone Access

You are also able to connect to the systems via telephone by calling the numbers below:

Monash +61 3 9903 5854
UMelb Telephone access available through Zoom
UTas +61 3 6226 1595

Bridging Services

If you have a large number of systems connecting to a single call we are able to use the bridge services at Monash or AARNET. This can support multiple dial-in connections, ISDN connections as well as SIP/H323 endpoints. This request can be made either through your University's video conference support (preferred method) or through the CMS team.

Monash* by phone by phone: +61 03 99035920 psw: 52952#
e-mail psw: 52952#
IP press "20#" psw: 52952#
  • to be used when 4 or more participants

Booking the systems

The following people manage bookings at each facility, email them to reserve a time.

ANU Robyn Petch (
Monash Anna Haley (
UMelb Scott Wales (
UNSW Stephen Gray (
UTas Jenna Patterson (


| Cisco User Manual