CMEMS - Sealevel GLO PHY L4 observations 008 047

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This dataset is a satellite global sea level product downloaded from the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS). For more information and the official documentation, including the product manual refer to the CMEMS data portal. The following brief description is copied over from the original website. For the Global Ocean - Multimission altimeter satellite gridded sea surface heights and derived variables computed with respect to a twenty-year mean. Previously distributed by Aviso+, no change in the scientific content. All the missions are homogenized with respect to a reference mission which is currently OSTM/Jason-2. The sla is computed with an optimal and centered computation time window (6 weeks before and after the date). Two kinds of datasets are proposed: filtered (nominal dataset) and unfiltered.

Resolution is 0.25X0.25 degrees and has an irregular temporal resolution. The data starts in 1993 and it's ongoing.

Terms of use

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[[1]] The full terms are listed on the CMEMS website: |

In particular: ... In case of any publication, the Licensee will ensure credit the Copernicus Marine Service in the following manner:“This study has been conducted using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information” ...


This dataset is available in the ua8 project:


v2019 is the most recent version

Filenames are:



  • sea_surface_height_above_sea_level (SSH)
  • surface_geostrophic_eastward_sea_water_velocity_assuming_sea_level_for_geoid (UVG)
  • surface_geostrophic_northward_sea_water_velocity_assuming_sea_level_for_geoid (UVG)
  • sea_surface_height_above_geoid (SSH)
  • surface_geostrophic_eastward_sea_water_velocity (UVG)
  • surface_geostrophic_northward_sea_water_velocity (UVG)


2020-07-17 We updated to the most recent version v2019. As CMEMS doesn't always distinguish between a new version and an extension the year 2018/2019 were previously incorrectly downloaded as part of v4-0 while they are available now in v2019.

For more information check the CMEMS release notes