CMEMS - Sealevel GLO PHY L4 observations 008 047

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This dataset is a satellite global sea level product downloaded from the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS). For more information and the official documentation, including the product manual refer to the | CMEMS data portal. The following brief description is copied over from the original website. For the Global Ocean - Multimission altimeter satellite gridded sea surface heights and derived variables computed with respect to a twenty-year mean. Previously distributed by Aviso+, no change in the scientific content. All the missions are homogenized with respect to a reference mission which is currently OSTM/Jason-2. The sla is computed with an optimal and centered computation time window (6 weeks before and after the date). Two kinds of datasets are proposed: filtered (nominal dataset) and unfiltered.

Resolution is 0.25X0.25 degrees and has an irregular temporal resolution. The data starts in 1993 and it's ongoing.

Terms of use

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[[1]] The full terms are listed on the CMEMS website: |

In particular: ... In case of any publication, the Licensee will ensure credit the Copernicus Marine Service in the following manner:“This study has been conducted using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information” ...

On raijin

This dataset is available in the ua8 project:


v4-0 is the most recent version

Filenames are:



  • sea_surface_height_above_sea_level (SSH)
  • surface_geostrophic_eastward_sea_water_velocity_assuming_sea_level_for_geoid (UVG)
  • surface_geostrophic_northward_sea_water_velocity_assuming_sea_level_for_geoid (UVG)
  • sea_surface_height_above_geoid (SSH)
  • surface_geostrophic_eastward_sea_water_velocity (UVG)
  • surface_geostrophic_northward_sea_water_velocity (UVG)