CLEX and ARCCSS data collection

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These are datasets created by the Centre students and researchers and published on the NCI geonetwork catalog under the CLEX and ARCCSS data collection . Each dataset has also a Research Data Australia (RDA) record, which contains a detailed description of the data; links to these are provided in the dataset list below. This collection does not include all of the data published by the centre, only the datasets which are not part of a larger collection already.

If you want to publish your research results or you need to make your data available because of publishing requirements, we can add your dataset to the CLEX collection. These datasets are available on gadi, they are stored in:


To access them you have to join the ks32 project, to do so use your NCI account to access the MyNCI portal.

They are also accessible online via the NCI thredds catalog.


CLEX collection

  • REGEN_AllStns_v1-2019 - Rainfall Estimates on a Gridded Network based on all station data v1-2019
  • REGEN_LongTermStns_v1-2019 - Rainfall Estimates on a Gridded Network based on long term station data v1-2019
  • TPCA_reprocessing v1.0 - Tropical Pacific Chlorophyll Algorithm (TPCA): Reprocessing v1.0
  • TrackEddy_eddies v1.0 - TrackEddy v1.0 output of identified eddies from the AVISO+ satellite altimetry v1.0
  • WRFv3.6_KL_UClim v1.0 - Weather Research and Forecasting (v3.6) model outputs from 2-km Kuala Lumpur urban climate experiments v1.0
  • DOLCE v2.0 - Derived Optimal Linear Combination Evapotranspiration - DOLCE v2.0
  • DOLCE v2.1 - Derived Optimal Linear Combination Evapotranspiration - DOLCE v2.1
  • ACCESS-OM2-025-CMIP5-WINDS v1.0 - ACCESS-OM2-025 historical and twenty-first Century winds experiment, forced by CMIP5 historical and RCP8.5 winds v1.0
  • WRF-LIS-CABLE_PHYSSENS v1.0 - WRF-LIS-CABLE model output from the physics sensitivity experiment v1.0
  • PLUMBER2 v1.0- PLUMBER2: forcing and evaluation datasets for a model intercomparison project for land surface models
  • HiRes-MESECA v1.0 - High-Resolution Modelling of Extreme Storms over the East Coast of Australia v1.0
  • DOLCE v3.0 - Derived Optimal Linear Combination Evapotranspiration - DOLCE v3.0
  • EC-Earth3_SSP585_JRA55-do_IAMIP2_pro v1.0 - EC-Earth3 SSP585 atmospheric forcing dataset for the Ice Algae Model Intercomparison Project phase 2 (IAMIP2) projection experiment v1.0

Himawari8 collection

These datasets constitute a separate collection and they are in /g/data/gy85



ARCCSS collection

  • ACCESS1-3b_AMZDEF v1.0 - ACCESS1.3b model output from the Amazonian Deforestation (AMZDEF) experiment v1.0
  • ACCESS1-3b_AMZDEF v2.0 - ACCESS1.3b model output from the Amazonian Deforestation (AMZDEF) experiment v2.0
  • ACCESSFire v1.0 - Coupled Atmosphere-Fire Simulations of the Black-Saturday Kilmore East Wildfires with the Unified Model v1.0
  • CCAM_UCLEM_SCM_Melbourne_2000_2100 v1.0 - CCAM UCLEM model output for: Climate change impact on energy demand in coupled building-urban-atmosphere simulations across the 21st century v1.0
  • CESM1.0.5_decadal v1.0 - CESM1.0.5 model output from 'perfect model' decadal prediction experiment v1.0
  • CLASS v1.0 - Conserving Land-Atmosphere Synthesis Suite (CLASS) v 1.0
  • CLASS v1.1 - Conserving Land-Atmosphere Synthesis Suite (CLASS) v 1.1
  • CMS_TROPAC01_LeeuwinCurrent v1.0 - Lagrangian drifter output in the Southeast Indian Ocean using the Connectivity Modelling System output forced with TROPAC01 v1.0
  • DMS_ACCESS-UKCA v1.0 - Effects of dimethyl sulfide pertubations in ACCESS-UKCA climate simulations V1-0
  • DOC_VOD_NDVI_5KM_8DAY v1.0 - 8-day Vegetation optical depth (VOD) and normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI)- based estimated degree of curing (DOC) for Australia v1-0
  • DOLCE v1.0 - Derived Optimal Linear Combination Evapotranspiration v1.0
  • EmCEI v1.0 - Time series of EmCEI Climate Extremes Index components and subcomponents v1.0
  • EmCEI-CMIP5 v1.0 - Area-extent of temperature and precipitation extremes in CMIP5 models under different radiative forcing scenarios, observations and reanalysis v1.0
  • GREB-Tuning v1.0 - GREB Tuning experiment v1.0
  • LGMc13 v1.0 - LOVECLIM Last Glacial Maximum oceanic d13C and D14C v1.0
  • LORA v1.0 - Linear Optimal Runoff Aggregate v1.0
  • MCASClimate v1.0 - Maritime Continent Austral Summer Climatology v1.0
  • Mk3L-BioPump v1.0 - Simulations of ocean physical and biogeochemical fields under different biological functioning in CSIRO Mk3L 1.2 v1.0
  • Mk3L-COALv1.0_ocean_c13_n15 v1.0 - Oceanic carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 isotopes simulated by CSIRO Mk3L-COAL version 1.0
  • MK3L-LGM v1.0 - Simulations of glacial climate and ocean biogeochemistry with the CSIRO Mk3L model v1.0
  • Mk3L_N2fix v1.0 - Marine nitrogen fixers mediate a low latitude pathway for atmospheric CO2 drawdown: Biogeochemical and physical output v1.0
  • MOM_ROMS_UVT v1.0 - MOM and ROMS model output from Antarctic bottom layer temperature advection experiments v1.0
  • PLAMIP v1.0 - Prescribed Land AMIP ACCESS1-0 experiments collection v1.0
  • REGEN_AllStns_v1.0 - Rainfall Estimates on a Gridded Network based on all station data v1.0
  • REGEN_LongTermStns_v1.0 - Rainfall Estimates on a Gridded Network based on long term station data v1.0
  • T1C13 v1.0 - Transient simulations of Heinrich stadial 1 with a carbon-isotope enabled model and impact of poleward intensified southern hemisphere westerlies in a global eddy permitting ocean, sea-ice, carbon cycle model v1.0
  • WRF_Sydney2k v1.0 - Weather Research and Forecasting model outputs from the 2-km resolution Sydney experiments v1.0