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CMS makes irregular backups of data held by CLEX projects at NCI, when that data would otherwise be lost. This shouldn't be relied upon, for important or hard to replace data you should arrange to make your own backups (e.g. at your university's archive)

Raijin /short (Jan 2020)

As part of the move from Raijin to Gadi, the old /short directory no longer exists. Backups for users of significant space are available on MDSS, either under the path 'raijin_short' or inside that user's MDSS directory (for the project the files were stored under)

Accessdev /home (Feb 2020)

As part of a cleanup of Accessdev's /home space, directories of users that hadn't held an account for 1 year or more were removed. Backups are in w35's MDSS, under saw562/accessdev_home_20200203.tar.bz2