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= The Access File System =
= The Access File System =

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The Access File System

The ACCESS system installed at NCI makes use of a common directory structure to hold scripts, programs, libraries and ancillary data related to the ACCESS models. This shared system reduces duplication of stored files & allows for collaboration between the different organisations comprising ACCESS.

File system quotas

To ensure limited storage space is used effectively NCI enforces file system quotas for all users & projects. These quotas are generally flexible, if you ask [the helpdesk] for more space with a decent reason for it you should be able to get it.

The shared file system

User file system

To ensure that simulations can be easily run by different users we encourage the use of a few standard directories for model runs and outputs. Users have access to two main file systems, /home & /short.

File Systems


This is the home directory of a user. It is backed up, & by default has a file system quota of 2 GB.


This is the user's scratch space. It is not backed up, and files left untouched for some time may be deleted, with the assumption that they can be recreated by the user. Each project has a quota for /short space, shared by all the users of that project. For example, if you log in using project w35 then any files you create under /short will use w35's quota.

Useful paths


Output from UM run scripts, error messages & resource usage statistics will appear in these files


UM run scripts, the umui copies scripts here before submitting them to the queue


UM build & run directories, output from UM runs is located here