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AWAP - Australian Water Availability Project

This dataset is managed by BoM and many versions are circulated around. Here is the advice we have received from BoM (, in regards to the best version available on raijin for climate scientists.


  • Morwenna Griffiths is updating a version of AWAP on rr8, mainly for the seasonal people, but she's happy for others to use it while no official option is available. This version is updated every 6 months and not being an official datasets could be re-structued without notice.
  • Eventually an organised link to this collection will be provided by Aurel Moise in the re-anlysis project rr7. Both daily/monthly hires/lowres versions of the data will be made available in rr7. this then should be the project from which to access the data.
  • Once the Bureau has finished DOI-minting the current AWAP data, they will place it on the BOM project on NCI and then that will be the authoritative AWAP data source; from then on the rr7 sub-set will be updated from there.
  • The AGCD (Australian Gridded Climate Data)  will provide a  new method and higher resolution. There's some confusion and data which is circulated as AGCD but it's not! Once the real AGCD comes online, there will be a period where both AWAP and AGCD will run parallel for comparison


AWAP on raijin

Currently use


For license and citation guidelines see NCI's Record

AWAP will eventually be replaced by AGCD

More information in their official metadata record

Important message from Morwenna (06/09/19):

" The AWAP dataset on /g/data/rr8/OBS/AWAP_ongoing/ has been updated to the current date with v0.2

The source data has various checks applied to it, and data can come in late from observing stations.

For this reason, the most recent 3 months of data is very likely to change in the future.

Even data a year old can be updated.   This information is in the original meta data, but does not get transferred to the meta data in the one-file-per-year data on raijin.

To ensure full accountability, previous versions of the files will not be overwritten.

Have a look at /g/data/rr8/OBS/AWAP_ongoing/version_info.txt to see what has changed in the new version.

There is a symbolic link "default" which points to the most recent version.  The rest of the directory structure is unchanged.

So, you should only need to change your code once! 

Be aware that the Bureau is in the process of delivering the AWAP data to NCI under its own project.  When this happens we will discontinue updating the data on rr8 and let you know the new location.

If you have any questions about this, please email Morwenna Griffiths (  "