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AMIP runs are stored in the UMUI under experiment saaq. Versions 1.0 and 1.3 of the ACCESS model are available, as well as a lower-resolution N48 version of 1.3. There is additional information about these jobs available on the | ACCESS trac site.


The ACCESS 1.3 run on Vayu is stored in standard run saaqb. Its results are an exact match to the runs waaaf/waaag done on BoM's Solar cluster by Greg Roff.

The ACCESS models are described in Bi et al. (2012) File:Bi_AMOJ_ACCESS-CM_revision.pdf

How to run

Copy the job saaqb to your own experiment. Open it in the UMUI and change the User-id to your NCI username in User Information->General Details. Compile the run by selecting Compile and build in the Compilation and Modifications->Compile options panel for both the model and reconfiguration (Due to the extra fields in the AMIP run it can't use the standard reconfiguration). You can then process and submit the job.

Once the compile job on Vayu has finished change the Compile options settings to Run from existing executable, process and submit the job once more and the simulation run will start.

If you need to run ACCESS with CABLE2.X instead of CABLE1.8 have a look here.


To ensure you are getting the correct results you can check the values of the Final Absolute Norm in the UM .leave file. The first few values should be:

  Final Absolute Norm :   7.276956451914318E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   4.715657804189433E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.433036729385244E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   8.127311324946143E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   8.737187347119101E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.758734323322731E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   8.330291277356124E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   8.961952297931315E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.903317054337587E-003
  Final Absolute Norm :   9.932131133228725E-003

You can easily see these by using grep and head on the .leave file, e.g.

grep 'Final Absolute' saaqb000.saaqb.d000000.t000000.leave | head

If you see any difference between your results for an unmodified run and the expected results please let the CMS team know at [|].

File Checksums

Possible Errors

  • Unstable convection, values become very large: Possible problem with a compute node, try to restart from an earlier time. | RT #60336


See the documentation on the | ACCESS wiki