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ACCESS1.3 version of the UM 7.3 changed from N96 to N48 resolution coupled to a single column KPP-ocean model via the OASIS coupler. This is designed to do long (many years) global climate simulations with an upper ocean temperature variability that does not include any lateral interactions in the ocean.


Dietmar Dommenget, Byju Pookandy and Scott Wales


ACCESS1.3 version of the UM 7.3 and OASIS coupled with the MOM ocean model and sea ice model replaced with the KPP-model. Also changed from N96 to N48 resolution.

Use Cases

This is designed to do long (many years) global climate simulations. In open ocean points it simulated by the vertical single column KPP mixing scheme for vertical mixing processes. The mean temperature and salinity profiles are controlled by flux correction and a weak Newtonian damping for salinity.

Modules of the Experiment

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Atmosphere UM 7.3
Land Surface CABLE
Ocean KPP-ocean; single colums; no lateral interactions.
Sea Ice Prescribed


On NCI-RAIJIN it computes about (slightly more than) 1yr per 1hr CPU time with 64 processors.

Job submission

  • ualdh (accesscollab) for building