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Template:Unsupported: CLEX CMS does not ordinarily provide support for this configuration, either due to its age or it being outside the scope of the Centre's research. Please contact us before starting any major work with this configuration

ACCESS 1.0 with KPP

This documentation describes how to run ACCESS1.0 with the MOSES scheme and KPP



It is recommended to copy umuijobs vatae}} for N96 resolution or {{vaski for N48 resolution.

KPP executable

The best KPP version for this can be checked out from the repository with these commands:

svn co
cd kpp-gregorian

This version is currently set for N48 resolution. If N96 resolution is needed, the file needs to be modified.

Compilation of the executable can be done with these commands:

module use ~access/modules
module load intel-cc/
module load intel-fc/
module load openmpi/1.8.2
module load fcm/2014.06.0
module load gcom/3.3
module load dummygrib
module load oasis3-mct-longrun/testing
module load um
module unload netcdf
module load netcdf/
make oasis3_coupled

This will create the KPP_ocean}} executable that the script environment variable {{KPPBIN should point to.


The files required to run the KPP module are located on raijin}} at Template:/projects/access/data/ancil/kpp-N48 and {{/projects/access/data/ancil/kpp for N48 and N96, respectively.