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NB currently the data are sitll in


but we're in the process of re-organising them in a separate directory

NOAA-CIRES-DOE 20th Century Reanalysis V3

The 20CRv3 reanalysis uses a data assimilation system and surface pressure observations to generate a four-dimensional global atmospheric dataset of weather spanning 1836 to 2015.

Only surface observations of synoptic pressure is assimilated into the NOAA’s Global Forecast System,sea surface temperature and sea ice distribution are prescribed.  Temperature, pressure, winds, moisture, solar radiation and clouds, are estimated from the surface to the top of the atmosphere.

The temporal resolution of the main output is 3 hourly, however the data is also available as daily and monthly means.

The global grid used has a 75 km resolution.

We downloaded ... data from the PSL 20 Century reanalysis project  webpage  PSL data portal and ... from the NERSC data portal.

The two portal published the data differently so there are inconsistencies in the way it is stored and named.

20CRV3 at NCI

The data is stored in


Available variables are:

subdaily:TMP2m, HGT500, PRMSL


mean_3hr: HGT_pres,  RH_2m,  SPFH_pres,  TMP_sfc, UGRD_pres, ICEC_sfc,  SOILW_depth,  TMP_2m,  TSOIL_depth,  VGRD_10m, PRES_sfc,  SPFH_2m, TMP_pres, UGRD_10m, VGRD_pres

mean_daily: prate, prmsl, tmax_2m, tmin_2m