Updated support level



The CMS team is currently at a substantially reduced capacity. 

Consequently we cannot continue the same level of user support we have previously provided. The helpdesk (cws_help@nci.org.au) and direct user support is an important and valued part of the role of the CMS, but we have other tasks and duties that require our attention. New CMS team members also require support and will take time to be as effective and efficient as those they are replacing. 

What is changing?


The helpdesk (cws_help@nci.org.au) will operate only 4 days a week (Mo/Tu/Th/Fr) and responses (not necessarily resolutions) to helpdesk queries will occur within 24 hours of submission on those days (up from the previous 2 hours).


CodeBreak sessions will run every Wednesday (up from the previous fortnightly frequency) as video sessions tend to be more efficient than email for dealing with some types of queries.


Slack will no longer be actively monitored by the CMS team for user queries but feel free to keep using it to get help from other CLEXers.q


Work on user requests will be prioritised more stringently. Please let us know if your request is urgent (e.g., you are close to finishing your PhD). Conversely, low priority help might not be actively worked on unless there are free resources. We will inform you if your support request has been classified as low priority.


What can you do to help? 

To get the most out of this new system

Before asking for help

Consult the updated guidelines for asking for help on the wiki which emphasise some of the steps you need to take before submitting a help ticket, including consulting the FAQs and following relevant suggestions in our new troubleshooting guide. 


Please tell us if you think the documentation on the Wiki is insufficient, erroneous, or out of date. Your feedback is valuable and will improve this resource for everyone.


Please answer any colleague's question on slack (or in person!) if you are able and confident to do so.


How long will the changes last?

The changes outlined above are likely to remain in place until the end of 2022, subject to how quickly we can recruit and train new CMS members. Note also that we will be without a CMS team leader until staffing issues have been resolved. 

For any request or information, please contact us through the helpdesk: cws_help@nci.org.au.