I have an error or trying to perform a new task

These are some general guidelines to help you solve your problem before submitting a help ticket, or contacting the CMS

Google your error/task

Put your error into the search engine of your choice. Begin with the maximum number of keywords and reduce as appropriate to get better quality of search hits/more hits.

If you have a very specific error it may help to put it in quotes so the search engine knows to look for the phrase.

Trusted sources

Not all search hits will have the same quality. These are sites that we recommend:


Towards Data Science

GitHub Issues

Other Options

Try searching or using keywords to find related content in our blog

Try searching THIS WIKI

Stackoverflow has a specific page on searching that site, which may help

Data related query

Finding Data 

See the Finding Datasets page

Publishing Data

See the Publishing Options page

Other Storage Options

See Storage page. We also have a page on the blog to help you manage your storage