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This is a log file to note the progress towards a GA7.1 N216 transpose AMIP run.



Based on

u-an493 -- the High Resolution MIP run

Basic Idea

set ainitial to some auto-generated file depending on the Start Date

Initial attempt

In the suite.rc}} in {{[runtime] [[root]] [[environment]]

Create a new variable called TAMIP_TIME}}, and set it to {{rose date -c -f "%Y-%m-%d-h%H"

-c}} should take the start date, and the format is the same as the one used to distinguish between files in the Template:TAMIP directory {{/projects/access/AMEL/TransposeAMIPII/ga6/ga6ic/


ainitial}} was overwritten by {{spinup_1950.

Second attempt

I've removed both spinup_1950}} and {{n216_1950 from the optional parameters.


[FAIL] file:/home/599/hxw599/cylc-run/u-ao946/share/data/etc/um_ancils_gl=source=
/g/data1/w35/saw562/HighResMIP/data/d05/hadom/ancil/data/ancil_versions/n96e_orca025/GA7.1_AMIP/v2/ancils: bad or missing value

n216_1950 mode just points to the correct ancil.nci}} file on {{raijin, so I've put that back in.

This time it ran for a long time, probably because the input files in /projects/access/AMEL/TransposeAMIPII/ga6/ga6ic/ga6tamip2008-10-25-h00 were in N96. Oh, and they're also in UM format, not GRIB.

I have now created a new jinja2}} variable with the name {{TAMIP_AINITIAL which includes the whole path, including the date.


It seems to be working now. That said, the only difference in ancillary files between this run and the 1950 HRMIP run is the initial conditions file, and of course the start date. No changes have been made to sea ice and other external input files.

That said, many of the files seem to encompass date ranges far into the 2000'

Also, the initial files are currently taken from /projects/access/AMEL/TransposeAMIPII/ga6/ga6ic/. However, all these files are N96, not N216 -- which means that the reconfiguration regridds them.