Running the UM with Rose

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Restarting and Extending Rose Suites

To restart a stopped job run

rose suite-run --restart

This will put the suite back into the exact same state it was when Cylc stopped - failed tasks will still be failed, and if it reached the end of the run Cylc will promptly stop running again.

Resubmit a failed task by right clicking on it and selecting 'Trigger Task'

To extend the run dates you'll need to change the end time in the Rose editor, and then reload the configuration.

If the configuration has changed (say you have edited the suite end date to make it run for another year) you need to reload the configuration when you restart it, which you can do with

rose suite-run --reload --restart

Resubmitting Tasks

If a UM task has failed (i.e. it has a red box in the Cylc GUI) you can re-submit it by right clicking the task and selecting 'Trigger (run now)'

The task will continue from the most recent restart file, provided that it is not the very first task. Resubmitting the first UM task will restart the run from the beginning.

Copying STASH fields

A pair of macros are provided with UM suites for copying STASH settings between jobs, named STASHExport and STASHImport. You can find the macros in the editor under Metadata -> um


The exported STASH configuration will be saved into 'app/um/STASHexport.ini}}'. To import the settings into a new job copy this file to the new suite's 'Template:App/um/STASHImport.ini' and run the '{{STASHImport' macro in the Rose editor on that suite.

Porting suites to NCI

See the ACCESS wiki for Rose/Cylc configuration settings on Gadi