Precipitation datasets

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We collected all the precipitation data we are currently managing in one space in the ua8 project. This location is a temporary placement while we are working to set a separate dedicated project. The data is located in  /g/data/ua8/Precipitation/<dataset>  

The datasets currently available are:

Please note that FROGs is itself a collection of several precipitation products (41 currently), regridded on a 1X1 degree grid with a daily timestep.

Other precipitation datasets available at NCI:

  • REGEN data is published by CLEX via NCI and it is available in ks32 project
  • AGCD (previously AWAP)
  • precipitation available from atmospheric reanalysis
  • precipitation available from ensemble models
    • 20CRv3 - 20 Century Reanalysis v3
    • C20C+ -