NU-WRF workflow

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First here is a schematic of the current workflow.

NU-WRF workflow schematic 2.jpg

The CMS team has created scripts to automate the workflow as best as possible. You will first need to clone these to your own space on your machine. The scripts are | here. This is a public repository and you do not need any special permission to use it. Note that this guide is written for using the scripts on raijin but one can use the scripts on any machine.

The best way to explain the workflow is to look at a test case for a coupled NU-WRF simulation. The test case data is stored with the LIS dataset under /g/data1/w35/LIS/coupled_testcase.

  1. Creation of the domain and regridding the LIS input dataset.
  2. Prepare decks
  3. Run LIS offline
  4. Run WPS
  5. Run NU-WRF