NU-WRF run LIS offline

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You are now ready to start running your simulations. Go into your DECK_DIR as you have specified in the input_scripts.txt file before creating the decks. There you should find files named: run_LIS_YYYY_MM. For the testcase, there will only be run_LIS_1998_06 as the spin-up is only 1 year and we run the year in one go. Before running you may want to check the deck. Make sure the PBS directives look right (check the email address!). Check the run directory as it appears in the first "cd" command. You may want to check you have a LIS executable in your LIS run directory. Once you are confident everything is setup correctly, you can either launch the run_LIS_1998_06 from the deck directory or link to it in your LIS run directory and start it from there. Note that if there are several decks, subsequent decks are automatically started in your LIS run directory.

To run the testcase simulation, simply type:


This should schedule 3 jobs to the PBS queues.

For longer simulations with several decks, the last PBS job (the post-processing job) will automatically fetch and launch the next deck until no next deck is found.

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