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Let's first start with a description of the files in NU-WRF_scripts/prepare_decks

MODEL_OUTPUT_LIST.TBL_d01 LIS file to choose the output diagnostic and their format (units, averaging...)
It is currently formatted to output all outputs required as input for WRF.
Makefile This is to manage WPS with ERA-Interim GRIB files
getbdy_grib.deck This is to manage the creation of WRF boundary condition and input files with GRIB files. Users may want to modify PBS options.
getbdy_inter.deck This is to manage WPS and the creation of WRF boundary condition and input files starting with intermediate files. Users may want to modify the PBS options.
getbdy_mk35.deck This is a historical file. It can give ideas on how to manage WPS and real.exe with inputs coming from a GCM.
input_scripts.txt This file has the user inputs for the scripts
namelist.wps This is the namelist.wps used for the testcase.
template_lis.config This is a template lis.config file (configuration file for LIS). This is where users need to modify physic options
template_lis.config_2nests This is an example configuration file for LIS with 2 nests.
template_run_LIS.csh This is a template for the decks to run LIS offline. Users may want to modify the PBS options.
template_runwrf_raijin.deck This is a template for the decks to run WRF or NU-WRF. Users may want to modify the PBS options.

All the files are setup to run the testcase. You simply need to modify the following in input_scripts.txt:

  • the email address
  • the project
  • the paths to the codes: LIS, WPS and WRF
  • the paths to store the decks and outputs: GEO_DIR, LISOUT_DIR, WPSOUT_DIR, WRFOUT_DIR, WRFRES_DIR, DECK_DIR. Note the user is responsible to create all these directories. Also you need to make sure the geo_em.d01 file created at the previous step is in the GEO_DIR directory.

All the codes are under NU-WRF_scripts/prepare_decks/codes. These are in python and you need to load a python module first. Any module will work. Then under NU-WRF_scripts/prepare_decks/codes, type:


The first command prepares the decks for the spin-up of LIS offline. The second prepares the decks for WPS and the third prepares the decks for WRF. Note that the order of the commands matters. These commands should create a few files in DECK_DIR.

Set CO2 concentration for LIS spin-up

When coupled to WRF, CABLE will get the CO2 concentration used in the radiation scheme through LIS. But when offline, CABLE uses the CO2 concentration listed in the CABLE options in lis.config file. Considering the spin-up for CABLE can span a long period of time (30+ years) it can be interesting to use a time-varying CO2 concentration. Unfortunately this hasn't been integrated to the code creating the decks yet and it has to be handled separately. Also it is important to note the current code to update the CO2 concentration assumes LIS is going to be run month by month, which means you need to create the decks with the LIS_nmonths option in input_scripts.txt equals to 1 if you wish to update the CO2 concentration during the spin-up.

To update the CO2 concentration, you need to update the inputs in update_co2_in_lis_config.ncl in NU-WRF_scripts/prepare_decks/codes/. Then run it with

ncl update_co2_in_lis_config.ncl

Make sure to load an ncl module beforehand.

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